articles 1943 - 1969


Duration Apartment

Arts and Architecture, Volume 60, December 1943


Designed for Work and Display: Look Magazine Visual Research Offices

Interiors, June 1945


Experimental Office for a General Publication

Architectural Forum, Volume 82 - January 1945


Alvin Lustig: About the Career of a Young Man with an Inquiring Mind

Interiors, September 1946


Alvin Lustig Design Offices for Reporter Publications

Architectural Forum, May 1946


By Unorthodox Design: Headquarters for a Publishing Firm

Interiors, June 1946


Remodeled Shop

Interiors, December 1947


Store for Men

Arts and Architecture, Volume 65 - April 1948


Interior: Study and Small Bar

Arts and Architecture, Volume 65 - June 1948


An Educational Institute for a Community Group - Alvin Lustig Designer

Arts and Architecture, Volume 65 - November 1948


Alvin Lustig Cover Designs

Graphis, Volume 4, No. 23 – 1948


Apartment Hotel - Beverly Carlton Hotel, Los Angeles

Architectural Forum, February 1949


Variable: To Suit the Specific Requirement - Constant: In Functional Application

American Fabrics, No. 12 - 1949


Alvin Lustig

Columbus Citizen, April 3, 1949


Alvin Lustig

Daily News of Los Angeles, October 29, 1949


A-D Gallery Exhibit

Interiors, December 1949


Laughlin, James

Designs of Alvin Lustig

Publishers Weekly, November 5, 1949


Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Exposition Alvin Lustig

Art D’Aujourd’Hui, Series 2 No. 1 - October 1950


Alvin Lustig Walker Art Center

Minneapolis Star, January 19, 22 and February 6, 1950


Steinweiss, Alex

Alvin Lustig Designer

Art Director and Studio News, January 1950


Alvin Lustig Designer

Extra, June 1950


Alvin Lustig Draws Thin Steel with Accurate Pencil

Interiors, December 1950


Gerth, Ruth

Their First Exhibition by

Western Advertising, December 1950


Lee, Marshall

Books for Our Time

Oxford University Press, 1951


Fenton, Edward

Some Notes on the History of the Bookjacket

Publisher’s Weekly, February 10, 1951


Accessory Shop

Arts and Architecture, Volume 86 - September, 1951



Graphis, Volume 7, No.38 - 1951


Imre, Claire

Alvin Lustig: A Versatile Designer

American Artist, November 1952


Hatje, Gerd

New Furniture/Neue Mobel/Neubles Nouveaux

Wittenborn & Schultz, 1952


Alvin Lustig

Domus, November 1952


Hunter, Sam

Alvin Lustig

Art Digest, Volume 27, December 1952


Mitarachi, Jane Fiske

The Lustig Portfolio

Interiors, June 1953


Traveling Exhibit

Display - Interiors Library, Whitney Publications, 1953


Northland Shopping Center

Architectural Forum, June 1954


Rosner, Charles

The Growth of the Bookjacket

Harvard University Press, 1954


Lightolier’s Pragmatic Dramatics, Redesigned Headquarters

Interiors, September 1954


Huxtable, Ada Louise

Signs of the Times

Art Digest, April 1954


Alvin Lustig

Advertising Review, England, Volume 1, No. 2 - 1954


Alvin Lustig

Linea Graphica, Volume 11/12 - November 1954


Showroom for Lightolier Inc.

Progressive Architecture, Volume 35 - November 1954


Elegance in a Town Apartment

Gentry, 1955


Hudson’s Northland a New Concept of Art Direction

Art Director and Studio News, July 1955


Two Designers are Starred at the Museum of Modern Art

Industrial Design, December 1955


Landscape of Lettering

Architectural Forum, Volume 102 - January 1955


Design and Printing for Commerce

Print, Volume 9 - March 1955


Saarinen, Aline

The Role of Graphic Designer: MOMA Shows Diverse Work of Two Moderns

New York Times, October 23, 1955


Oeri, Georgine

Alvin Lustig

Graphis, Volume 2 - No. 60, 1955


Crystallization of Lustig’s Style, An Apartment by Alvin Lustig

Interiors, July 1955


Review of International Design Annual

Progressive Architecture, Volume 36 - March 1955


Pepis, Betty

Linear Modern

New York Times Magazine, October 2, 1955


Wilheim Apartment

Vogue, October 15, 1955


Exhibition at Museum of Modern Art

Art News, Volume 54 - November 1955


Laughlin, James

The Bookjackets of Alvin Lustig

Print, Volume 10, No. 5 - October 1956


Ohchi, Huoshi

Alvin Lustig 1915-1955

Idea International Advertising Art, No. 17 - 1956


Two Artful Interiors

Architectural Forum, Volume 106, No. 5 - May 1957


Two Adjacent Rooms by Alvin Lustig

Interiors, No. 6 - January 1957


Alvin Lustig

Graphic Design 1, Tokyo, 1959


Constantine, Mildred and Jacobson, Egbert

Sign Language

Reinhold Publishing Corporation, 1961


Melson, Bob

Alvin Lustig: The Designer as Teacher

Print, Volume XXIII - January/February 1969

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