about this site

The Alvin Lustig Archive (www.alvinlustig.com) grew out of our admiration for this important modern design pioneer. Our research indicated the difficulty in accessing (1) public, educational, professional, easy to use and well-designed source of online reference material celebrating Alvin Lustig, his career and his depth of work. The information we've encountered was rarely presented as a whole and often non-usable.

Now, with more than 425 design examples, www.alvinlustig.com is the premier, educational online archive dedicated to the life and work of Alvin Lustig. We hope that you find this site as inspirational and educational as we did when creating it.

The Alvin Lustig Archive was organized, designed and developed and is currently maintained by Kind Company, an independent web and print design office in Brooklyn, New York. We're also responsible for the Display Graphic Design Collection. Partners - Greg D'Onofrio and Patricia Belen are practicing designers and collectors. Please feel free to contact us with any comments and suggestions. Thanks for visiting and supporting Alvin Lustig.